Ultra Hot deluxe

Ultra Hot deluxe

Slot machine test: Ultra Hot deluxe

Could provide a first look at "Ultra Hot ™ deluxe" disillusion, because don't looks so hot as the title it suggests, the slot. But appearances are deceiving, because the odds in "Ultra Hot ™ deluxe" are as good as in hardly any other slot machines. With this Naidoo fruit slot, you can win not only regularly, but also very rich. Even though there are only three reel, five payline, it this not even free spins are the ways extremely well for the credit account. This is due to the clear number of symbols, which are also very much. Also frames are not a rarity and a profit makes up for very fast a few blank rounds. If you are interested on this simple, but very effective fruit slot, then a visit to the star games can't hurt Casino. "Ultra Hot ™ deluxe" can also be played.

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So that the fruits of their healthy effect for your account can unfold, must be placed in series. Since there are only three reels, the length is of course limited. A number always consists of the same symbols and is just three fields long. There is a Joker in "Ultra Hot ™ deluxe", but which do not necessarily unwanted. It is only important that the number on one of the lines is. There are five pieces. Three of them run horizontally, which other two go diagonally from corner to corner.

The amount of your bet also determines how high a profit can be. Each symbol has a specific multiplier calculated with your usage. The higher the is, the higher the profit sum. And often not only a winning bet line wins, but several, which are then added together equal. And if you can make even a full screen, so a symbol on all fields, then there is the profit also doubled.

The various machine symbols in ultra hot deluxe

No fruit, but the X is the smallest icon in this fruit slot for once. That sounds only once quite unspectacular, because there are just only use in a row again played. With multiple paylines there will be of course more.

The fruits, which beat in "Ultra hot ™ deluxe" neatly to beech are

interesting but in any case. Fobbed off you so that in any case, because in a series, you'll get back already eight times by the use as profit. If now more paylines to strike or even a full screen appears, then are lemon, cherries, plums and oranges of more than a few sweet Rascal.

The bar icon goes beyond anything. That multiplies your bet with 12 in a row. Especially in high-stakes high profits can show up here very quickly. And also the one or the other streak is offset so over again.

As so often there are Stern and the 7, which are the big winners in a slot machine. The star brings the vierzigfachen usage, the 7 is more than just well stocked with factor 150. The 7 once a round, perhaps on more than one payline, and you're done. At least in the context of this fruit slots.

Slot machines instructions of ultra hot ™ deluxe

It is evident therefore that "ultra hot ™ deluxe" more than just a slot for is by the way. Here there is very fast, very high profits, because the value of the symbols is as good as unbeatable. You can make a real profit with real. The lines are tight, but you can redefine your bet before each round and thus your potential profits, as a glance in the payout table. And should match the winning times not really your thing, you can play with the cards risk even a doubling. Connected of course always with the risk of losing the entire profit of rounds of.